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BLT Sandwich Recipe

The Ultimate Fried Egg BLT Sandwich Recipe: A Culinary Delight


Indulge your taste buds with a culinary masterpiece that transcends the ordinary – the Fried Egg BLT Sandwich. This extraordinary dish boasts layers of crispy bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, and a perfectly fried egg with a runny yolk, all harmoniously brought together by a zesty smoked paprika mayo. In this article, we present not just a recipe, but a gastronomic journey that elevates your sandwich game to new heights.

Ingredients: Elevating the Ordinary

To embark on this culinary adventure, gather the following high-quality ingredients:

  • 4 French bread baguette pieces (6 inch), split, toasted
  • 1/4 cup KRAFT Real Mayo
  • 4 leaf lettuce leaves
  • 8 slices tomato
  • 12 slices cooked OSCAR MAYER Bacon

Instructions: Crafting Perfection

  1. Spread bread with mayo: Begin by generously spreading KRAFT Real Mayo on the split, toasted French bread baguette pieces. This not only adds a rich and creamy texture but also serves as the perfect base for the layers of flavor to follow.
  2. Layer the goodness: Assemble the sandwich by layering 4 leaf lettuce leaves, 8 slices of ripe tomato, and 12 slices of perfectly cooked OSCAR MAYER Bacon. Each layer contributes a unique texture and taste, creating a symphony of flavors with every bite.
  3. Top it off with a fried egg: The pièce de résistance – a fried egg with a runny yolk. The golden yolk adds a luxurious touch, creating a rich and velvety sauce that enhances the overall decadence of the sandwich.
  4. Smoked paprika mayo magic: Elevate the flavor profile with a dollop of smoked paprika mayo. This zesty twist adds a smoky, savory kick that lingers on the palate, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

Kitchen Tips: Enhancing Your Culinary Journey

Tip 1: Variations for Every Palate

Explore different variations of this delectable sandwich to suit your taste preferences. Try using toasted whole wheat bread, KRAFT Light Mayo Reduced Fat Mayonnaise, and OSCAR MAYER Turkey Bacon for a lighter yet equally satisfying option.

Tip 2: Serving Suggestions for a Complete Meal

Transform your Fried Egg BLT Sandwich into a wholesome meal by pairing it with fresh fruit and a glass of fat-free milk. This not only enhances the nutritional value but also adds a refreshing balance to the indulgent flavors.

Why Choose Our Fried Egg BLT Sandwich Recipe

1. Flavor Explosion:

Our recipe guarantees a flavor explosion with each bite, combining the saltiness of bacon, the freshness of lettuce and tomato, and the richness of a perfectly fried egg.

2. Versatility:

With variations catering to different dietary preferences, our recipe ensures that everyone can savor the delight of a Fried Egg BLT Sandwich tailored to their liking.

3. Visual Appeal:

The vibrant colors and layered presentation make this sandwich not just a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

4. Quick and Easy:

Enjoy gourmet-level satisfaction without the hassle. Our straightforward instructions make crafting this culinary masterpiece a breeze, even for novice chefs.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Culinary Experience

In conclusion, our Fried Egg BLT Sandwich recipe is more than just a meal – it’s a celebration of flavors, textures, and culinary finesse. Elevate your sandwich game and impress your taste buds with this gastronomic masterpiece that promises an unparalleled dining experience.

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