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Root Beer Candy Moonshine Recipe

Root Beer Candy Moonshine Recipe

I’ve eaten many Reed’s Root Beer Candies in my time, but I had never heard of Root Beer Moonshine made with Reed’s Root Beer Candies until today when my friend sent me this recipe. I adore anything containing Root Beer or Root Beer flavoring so I knew I had to try it immediately. My Sister has a corner store and just loaded me down with a box of my favorite candy, Reed’s Root Beer Candy, so I was super pleased when I found this recipe and I couldn’t wait to make it. I started my moonshine by getting all my ingredients together. You can use Everclear or Moonshine in any proof, it will be strong in alcohol no matter what proof you use, so it makes a good base for a cocktail, try adding Sprite, 7up, Coke, or Gingerale for a nice mixed drink. For a tropical flavor, you can mix your Root Beer Moonshine with ice cream, and real root beer mixed in a blender to make a refreshing Root Beer Float! There really are no limits on the many ways this delicious beverage can go.

1 Bag Of Reed’s Root Beer Candies
Moonshine or Ever Clear
Mason Jars

Fill Your Mason Jars With Moonshine Or Everclear Then Add 15 Reed’s Root Beer Candies To Each One.
Then Fasten The Lid On Tightly And Shake It Up, Then Let Sit For 24 To 48 Hours Shaking Occasionally.
This Root Beer Moonshine is so delicious, my husband and I have to have a little nip when we get home from work and enjoy snuggling on the sofa as we watch research documentaries, so fun!

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