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Cute Puppy Cupcakes

What’s the Project? These little dog cupcakes are anything but difficult to make and ideal for a youngster’s birthday celebration! Enhance each adorable little doggy canine cupcake with candy, charming eyes, and fun icing and you have an ideal treat to make the birthday kid grin!

Frosting I used white, chocolate and peanut butter buttercream-recipe below
Wilton Edible Eyes
Wilton Frosting Bags
Wilton Frosting Tips I used a variety of different ones, but here are some to try
Chocolate cookies like Oreos
Pink candy to make tongues I used Frootie Tootsie Rolls
Nutter Butters Minis
Oreo Minis
Chocolate Tootsie Rolls
Black Jelly Beans

Start decorating! Really, there’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to this-just do what you think would look cute!
Play around with it a little bit.

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