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Delicious Turkey Pot Pie Pockets Recipe – A Flavorful Dinner Idea

Turkey filled with stove top stuffing. Mashed potatoes and green bean casserole as sides.
Used Knorr packet to make turkey gravy.
Roasted turkey flavor.
When we went to the deli, we asked for dinner thick slices of the turkey!
I’ve seen them thinner which I may try.


Softened Cream cheese, I used an 8-oz block. (I used low fat).
1 Tbsp.Of softened butter.
1 Tbsp.Of melted butter.
Cooked shredded turkey (OR chicken); I used 2 cups.
¼ Tsp.Of salt.
¼ Tsp.Of pepper.
1 Tbsp.Of whole milk.
1 Tbsp.Of grated onion.
Thawed puff pastry; you’ll need a 17-oz Pkg.


1st Step
Turn the temperature in the oven up to 350 degrees F. Spray a baking sheet that is extra big or two smaller baking sheets with cooking spray and line them with foil. Set aside.
2nd Step
Combine the cream cheese, softened butter, milk, and chopped onion in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on low speed until smooth. Fold in turkey, salt, and pepper.
3rd Step
On a surface dusted with flour, unroll a single sheet of puff pastry. Make the puff pastry into a bigger square by flattening it out with a rolling pin (measuring about 11 inches x 11 inches).
4th Step
Cut the big piece of puff pastry into four squares. Place between a quarter and a third of a cup’s worth of the turkey mixture in the middle of each square.
5th Step
After dipping the tip of your finger in a small dish of water, run your finger down the border of each square. This will assist to ensure that the triangles are completely sealed.
6th Step
In order to make a triangle, fold the square in half from corner to corner so that it covers the turkey mixture. To secure the edges of each square, run a fork around the perimeter of each one. Place the turkey pot pie pockets on the baking sheet that has been prepared.
7th Step
Repeat the process with the following puff pastry sheet and the leftover turkey filling. Furthermore, brush the tops of the triangles with melted butter.
8th Step
Cook the Turkey Pot Pie Pockets in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until they have a golden brown color. If desired, serve with gravy on the side.

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