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Easy Crokpot Meatballs Recipe – Tender and Delicious Meatballs in a Slow Cooker

One of the Simplest and Tastiest Meatball Recipes You’re ever going to try! These Crockpot Meatballs are so full of spice and great for parties. Best of all, it just takes 5 minutes of prep time!
Meatballs are a great aperitif for celebrations, showers, and major gatherings!
My husband is particularly fond of the recipe, and he’s been asking for it a couple of times since the New Years’ got together, and I’m glad he’s doing it because they’re so nice!

Make tender and flavorful meatballs with this easy Crockpot recipe. Simply mix the ingredients, form the meatballs, and let the slow cooker do the rest. Perfect for a family dinner or party.



1 jar. Of Grape Jelly, I used the large size-32oz.
A bottle.Of 12oz Of Chili/BBQ Sauces.
1 large PKG.Of Meatballs.
2 Tbsp.Of ketchup.
1 Tbsp.Of brown sugar.
And water.
P.s: You should still use your homemade meatballs, chuck them in the freezer for around 20 minutes after you roll them up so they’ll maintain their shape in the Slow Cooker.


Put in a CrockPot all ingredients, cover with a lid, and let it cook for a couple of hours at low heat, only until it’s all heated, Quick!
If you make your meatballs from scratch, cook at LOW for 6 hours.



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