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Homemade Noodles with sausages and boiled egg

Homemade Noodles with sausages and boiled egg


Take of Noodles.
Take of Rodo.
Take of Spring onions.
Take of Oil.
Make ready of Sausage.
Get of Eggs.


Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large pot or Dutch oven over medium-high Add the noodles and sour cream to the sausage mixture. Pasta or noodles and scrambled eggs is an unusual combination in most countries. If you need to make a meal with carbohydrates and protein and can’t run to a tuna sandwich, scrambled eggs on toast or anything conventional, you can cook. Sometimes it helps to break them up a little; it makes serving the ramen a little easier.

Steps to make Noodles with sausages and boiled egg:

Saute ur chopped rodo and onions in a little oil. Add enough water to cook ur noodles then bring to a boil. Add ur noodles. Then add ur chopped spring onions and sausage..

Season to ur taste with noodle seasoning and any other seasoning of ur choice. Allow to cook..

Meanwhile boil and peel ur eggs and keep aside..

Plate ur sausage noodles and serve hot alongside boiled egg and sliced cucumber..

Crack an egg into the boiling soup/water and then using a utensil, beat the egg up so it mixes slightly with the noodles – don’t mix it too well, just enough to break the yolk and mix. Eggs are good for the nervous system and physical development, and the rich lecithin from their yolk also contributes to improving our memory. When the water boils, add in some hand-made noodles and stir slowly but well with chopsticks. When the water comes to a boil again, pour in some cold water. View top rated Egg noodles eggs sausage recipes with ratings and reviews.

Citrus fruit will be one of the best things that you can have for your desserts, rather than having a piece of cake or even ice cream. In addition to vitamin C, you will discover that there are plenty of other health benefits that you will find in these fruits. One desert that I have always enjoyed is orange pieces blended together with shredded coconut and mixed together with a gentle honey dressing.

So that’s going to wrap this up with this special food noodles with sausages and boiled egg recipe. Thanks so much for reading. I’m confident that you can make this at home. There is gonna be interesting food in home recipes coming up. Don’t forget to save this page in your browser, and share it to your family, colleague and friends. Thank you for reading. Go on get cooking!

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