Old Fashioned Butter Cake - Grandma's Perfect Pie
Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Old Fashioned Butter Cake

Apr 16, 2022
Old Fashioned Butter Cake

My grandmother would often bake Old Fashioned Butter Cake for me when I was a young child. My favorite dessert was that. I can still taste her delectable cake in my tongue years after she went away.

Since I hadn’t eaten butter cake in a while, I made the decision to attempt making it myself. Although the recipe is really straightforward, baking does require some time. I set the timer and carried on with my day while looking forward to the delectable treat.

Finally, the timer rang, and I dashed to the kitchen to retrieve the cake. It appeared perfect! I cut into it and chewed into it. and it exceeded my memories of it. It’s definitely wise to keep Grandma’s butter cake recipe on hand.

Old Fashioned Butter Cake

Ingredients :

2 cups all-purpose flour, sifted

1 1/4 cup sugar

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup butter, softened

1 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

Directions :

Preheat oven to 350˚F. Grease and flour two 8 inch x 2 inch baking pans and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl sift together the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.

Add butter, milk, and vanilla. With a hand mixer, beat for 2 minutes, occasionally scraping down the sides of the bowl.

Add eggs and beat for 2 minutes more.

Pour batter into prepared pans, dividing equally between the pans. Bake 30 to 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Remove from oven.

Cool in the pans for 10 minutes and then turn cakes out onto a cooling rack to cool completely.

Add your favorite frosting to the cake.

Frost with your favorite frosting. I used my favorite chocolate frosting, the one on the back of the Hersey’s cocoa can.

“Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Frosting

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter or margarine
2/3 cup Hershey’s cocoa
3 cups powdered sugar (confectioners’ sugar)
1/3 cup milk (plus an additional few drops to make a nice consistency)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Melt butter. Stir in cocoa. Alternately add powdered sugar and milk, beating on medium speed to spreading consistency. Add more milk if needed. Stir in vanilla. About 2 cups frosting