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My Combination Fried Rice Chicken, Steak and Shrimp

My Combination Fried Rice Chicken, Steak and Shrimp

What you’ll need:


Rubber spatula

Oil (I used garlic infused stir fry oil)

White rice

Frozen peas and carrots

Bean sprouts (canned)

Green onion (chopped)

Fresh garlic (minced)

Fresh ginger (minced)

Salt and Course black pepper

Dark soy sauce

Shrimp (medium or large..I used large)

Chicken Breast

Steak (I used steak for tacos)


Cut chicken breast into cubes season to taste..set aside

Boil rice according to box instructions, when finished, spread rice on cookie sheet..sit in freezer about 20 minutes or you can prepare your rice a day ahead, refrigerate it until ready to use.

(This keeps the texture together, you dont want to use soft or mushy rice)

In your wok add 1 Tbs of butter, melt then add minced garlic, ginger and shrimp cook about 1 minute slide to the side of the wok add peas and carrots cook about another 2 minutes add green onion and sprouts cook about another minute or two…scoot to the side of the wok…

add your rice and cook about 2 minutes and add your soy sauce..

slowly stir to incorporate all ingredients with rubber spatula add your chicken and steak continue to stir another minute or two and you’re ready to eat.


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