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Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Steak & Shrimp Loaded Freestyle Fries

Apr 22, 2022

-Russet potatoes (MEDIUM SIZE) (I used 6 which was able to feed 5 people)
-Medium size shrimp (I didn’t use the whole bag but that is totally up to you)
-Ny strip steak
-Seasons (Salt,black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, obey season, and smoked paprika)
-Honey (used only on shrimp)
-1 lemon
-Mild sauce
-Garlic parmesan sauce
Start by cleaning off your potatoes then begin to slice them into medium size circles. DO NOT SLICE THEM THIN.Once you finish slicing your potatoes cut them into medium french fry sticks. (If it’s too thin chances are they will break.) After all that slicing, grab a medium or large size bowl and fill with ice and cold water to begin your blanching for 30 mins. (Blanching potatoes helps to remove the skin, keeps them fresh and colorful, maintains color, reduces microorganisms and preserves the potatoes for freezing. This means that the potatoes will not turn brown after they are cut.)

Make sure your shrimp is cleaned and peeled before you begin your process. Grab a small pan for this, I prefer glass. For my seasonings, I used honey,obey seasoning, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. The seasoning is totally up to you. I didn’t do any specific measuring guys… just don’t overload it with salt either. Grab some butter for more flavor if you’ll like. Now once everything is evenly coated place in oven for 35 mins.

Get a pot for your oil to fry potatoes with.. Use enough oil as well. Place oil on low heat for this step. Next, drain off potatoes until it’s halfway dry then grab a kitchen towel to dump fries on and begin to pat them dry before we start oil blanching the fries for 10 mins. Once your fries are completely patted dry check your oil to see if it’s hot or not, if so start your oil blanching process. (DON’T DUMP ALL FRIES IN THERE AT ONCE.) While your fries are blanching find some pans to lay fries in. After oil blanching all your fries place them in the freezer for 30 mins. You may sprinkle cornstarch on them to make it crispy, it’s totally up to you.

Make sure your steak is cleaned and pat dry before cooking also make sure it is room temp. Normally that takes 30 to 40 mins so you may wanna take your steak out while preparing your shrimps. Grab some olive oil to rub on steak and begin to pat seasonings on steak. I only used salt, black pepper, and garlic. Next, heat cast iron skillet with olive oil and butter. Let cook on each side for 5 mins each before you throw it into the oven to cook the insides. Everyone likes their steak different so you decide on how long to cook it. I cooked mine for 30 mins.

While the steak is cooking for 30 mins in the oven, make your sauce. I didn’t do it homemade because i really wanted to use my sauces up that i purchased a while back but i did somewhat spice it up lol. In a bowl, I squeezed a fresh lemon and added mild sauce along with garlic parmesan sauce. Sit sauce aside and begin to fry your fries for 12-15 mins or until golden brown. Place fries on paper towel and season them with seasonings of choice. I used salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and smoked paprika.

Get your cheeses of choice ready. I used parmesan and sharp cheddar. Begin by placing a few fries on your plate then cover with cheese then top it with more fries then add more cheese and your toppings (shrimp and steak). Let broil for 5 mins and there you have it.